Yo Mama's Pear Salad with Creamy Crustettes

Yield: 2

6 oz. Spring Mix or preferred mixed greens

1 large egg

2 Tbl. goat cheese

2 Tbl. cream cheese

1 Tbl. red pepper jelly

2 Tbl. Panko or similar crispy bread crumbs

2 Tbl. butter

2 Tbl. Yo Mama's Foods Bold Balsamic dressing

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to pre-soften the cheeses, since they are soft enough to work with, even straight from the refrigerator.

  1. Measure out greens in a large serving bowl.
  2. Beat egg in small bowl.
  3. Measure out bread crumbs on a small plate.
  4. Melt butter over medium/medium-low heat in small skillet.
  5. Use a fork to combine the cheeses in a separate small dish. Scoop out ¼ of the mixture and flatten in your hand into a small indented disc.Spoon in ¼ of the red pepper jelly into the middle of the cheese disc, then round the cheese around it and shape it into a ball.Dip the cheese ball in the egg, then roll it around in the bread crumbs to fully coat the surface.Gently flatten into a disc shape.Repeat with remaining cheese to make a total of 4 crustettes.Place the crustettes gently into the melted butter and heat to develop a light brown color, about 2-3 minutes.Gently flip and continue cooking until bottom side is nicely browned.
  6. While crustettes are cooking, core and dice the pear.
  7. Toss mixed greens with Yo Mama’s Bold Balsamic dressing. Plate, then top with pears and warm crustettes.
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