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Yo Mama's Pear Salad with Creamy Crustettes

Yield: 2

6 oz. Spring Mix or preferred mixed greens

1 large egg

2 Tbl. goat cheese

2 Tbl. cream cheese

1 Tbl. red pepper jelly

2 Tbl. Panko or similar crispy bread crumbs

2 Tbl. butter

2 Tbl. Yo Mama's Foods Bold Balsamic dressing

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to pre-soften the cheeses, since they are soft enough to work with, even straight from the refrigerator.

  • Measure out greens in a large serving bowl.

  • Beat egg in small bowl.

  • Measure out bread crumbs on a small plate.

  • Melt butter over medium/medium-low heat in small skillet.

  • Use a fork to combine the cheeses in a separate small dish. Scoop out ¼ of the mixture and flatten in your hand into a small indented disc.Spoon in ¼ of the red pepper jelly into the middle of the cheese disc, then round the cheese around it and shape it into a ball.Dip the cheese ball in the egg, then roll it around in the bread crumbs to fully coat the surface.Gently flatten into a disc shape.Repeat with remaining cheese to make a total of 4 crustettes.Place the crustettes gently into the melted butter and heat to develop a light brown color, about 2-3 minutes.Gently flip and continue cooking until bottom side is nicely browned.

  • While crustettes are cooking, core and dice the pear.

  • Toss mixed greens with Yo Mama’s Bold Balsamic dressing. Plate, then top with pears and warm crustettes.